Need Hosting?

Do you need hosting?

Then basically if you need hosting, then you need to know someone I already¬†host so they can vouch for you. ¬†Currently hosting is offered for free, and packages are custom set up to what individuals need. I do limited technical support, I’ll help where I can but in my own time. You have to be somewhat able to deal with your own site and any problems that may occur. Remember it is free, so I have nothing to gain from helping you except a warm tingly feeling and maybe learning something new.

No abuse of my hosting service is tolerated under any circumstances. I like the delete button, and am happy to press it without warning if the offence is that bad, but will discuss if it is not intentional. My decision is final. Remember the free bit? yeah, kind of means no obligation too.

I can’t guarantee hosting will always be free, as I haven’t won the lottery as yet. The day I have to expand my hosting space is the day I’ll have to start charging. But until then, this is my playground and my learning curve.

Need to know more, need hosting, then contact me using the contact page. Or alternatively talk to someone I already host.

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