About me.

Here is some info about me.

My name is Lisa, I am a welsh mam of many children. I enjoy reading, sewing and cooking. Bit of a web head and does a mean copy and paste. 😀

I set up Twaddle Hosting to host my sites, then I added a few sites for friends.  Fun times!

My first proper site on it’s own domain was Total Twaddle  and that has been going for 9 years this year. Pretty much the same since it has started. It has seen many people come and go, but hopefully, still remains true to the initial idea behind it.

It was a major learning curve at the time, I had never owned a PC, until a few months previously. I didn’t do IT at school or any PC course until after that time. For some mad reason I just jumped in and got on with it.

I consider myself to be very lucky to still be running Total Twaddle, and even though there are times when I have to put on my Boss hat to keep the minions under control. For it still to be going after this amount of time speaks volumes for it’s core members. They often tell me that we are family, that they would be lost without Twaddle. So for that reason we’ll keep on going for as long as we can.

Now all my monsters are in school I’m considering expanding and learning the necessary to take on additional sites here at Twaddle Hosting.

Information in the Need Hosting? link above.

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