Good Reliable Hosting

If you have some money to spend, but not much, you could try Eleven2 for Good Reliable Hosting. Not sure what the name stands for, but it does the job.

We’ve been there a little while now and when there are problems they seem to be dealt with in a fairly quick manner.

They have a fast support forum for members, though it isn’t utilised as much as it could be, but when you are looking for good reliable hosting you aren’t necessarily bothered by a not very busy forum. It is something I look for as a must, I think it is key for good reliable hosting, as I like to talk to other people hosted by the same company for support and status updates. I think they could do with a good live status page, but as of yet it isn’t up and running.

Plenty of ways to contact their support system if you have a problem with your hosting, and fairly fast response.
You have a choice of locations too, and the option to use a cloud system, prices are fair, a variety of hosting packages, and other options.

good reliable hosting


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