Good Reliable Hosting

If you have some money to spend, but not much, you could try Eleven2 for Good Reliable Hosting. Not sure what the name stands for, but it does the job.

We’ve been there a little while now and when there are problems they seem to be dealt with in a fairly quick manner.

They have a fast support forum for members, though it isn’t utilised as much as it could be, but when you are looking for good reliable hosting you aren’t necessarily bothered by a not very busy forum. It is something I look for as a must, I think it is key for good reliable hosting, as I like to talk to other people hosted by the same company for support and status updates. I think they could do with a good live status page, but as of yet it isn’t up and running.

Plenty of ways to contact their support system if you have a problem with your hosting, and fairly fast response.
You have a choice of locations too, and the option to use a cloud system, prices are fair, a variety of hosting packages, and other options.

good reliable hosting


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EU Cookie Law

This site has hopefully now been set up according to the EU Cookie law.

Personally I think it is a load of nonsense and utterly pointless, but needs must. Blah! Blah! Blah!

I’ve also made adjustments at Total Twaddle, and I hope that all other relevant sites which I host will follow suit. Unfortunately I can’t make them, nor do I wish to interfere with their sites.

But if there is a problem in regards to the pointless EU Cookie Law please let me know so I can send a message to the relevant parties and hopefully give them some times to take the appropriate steps.

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Added Links

Have just added links to all the websites I currently host here at Twaddle Hosting. If you are one of these site owners and would like your details changed, please let me know.

I am also going to set up a reciprocal link section, so if you have a site you would like to have listed please use the contact page. We’ll need the link information as well as a brief description and where our link will be placed.

We do check to make sure that the links have been traded fairly.

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Welcome to Twaddle Hosting

This is the new look Twaddle Hosting, well it will be once I have customised it to death and made work as I like.

Don’t expect it to be updated too often… hopefully more than the old website though.

Brief History 

Twaddle Hosting was set up by Lisa to use as a top level domain to keep all the domains in one place. It’s intention was never to be a hosting company or a business of any kind. Just a home for Total Twaddle and some sites that Lisa hosts for friends.

We are currently open to taking on some more “friends” or even friends of friends. Details can be found on this site under our Need Hosting? link just above.

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